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The latest trend in the manufacturing sphere is probably custom details. You can feel free to order flat springs just online or choose custom automotive parts for your industrial needs.
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Company overview,  is a diversified company located in the heart of New York State. SMD is Vietnam Veteran owned small business and has been  since 1980. In the past/present we specialized designing and build Flyer Wire Pay-0ff, we also design and manufacture snow plow markers, and wire braid reseller.

There is a great number of features according to which the woodworking equipment can be classified. Most common classification is the technological and design classification. According to technological classification the woodworking machinery can be divided into general (multifunctional ) and special purpose. Our company provides quality combined machines, universal woodworking machines for your business. Combined, or multifunctional machines are designed to work with the wood. Our proven quality machines are considered to be an indispensable equipment that can be used in small workshops for the manufacturing of a wide range of wooden products. Combined, multifunctional devices can perform multiple functions. Our specialists will help you find the right type of woodworking machine from our range. The equipment that we offer for sale to our customers has high quality and excellent technical characteristics. All machines are processed with ZnO layers, which is necessary for better corrosion resistance. Woodworking machines are designed for machining of wood. Here you will find a wide range of woodworking machines for the organization of the production process. Woodworking machines perform a basic range of tasks to create wood products. Everything - from the lumber for construction to the wood decor elements can be created with the help of our machines.

Who are our clients?

The quality and efficiency of our woodworking machines have already been appreciated by the leading manufacturers of wooden furniture, solid wood doors, construction elements and wooden decor items. If you are working in the woodworking business, you're at the right place. Our company offers an extensive range of high quality specialized equipment to handle different types of wood. If you want to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your business, check out our online catalog and purchase one of our durable and powerful woodworking machines.

All the machines used for wood manufacturing, processing and handling are equipped with top-rated catalytic converters that allow our company care for the planet and make the manufacture process Eco-friendly. We know that catalytic converters cleaning is important as well, so our clients do not have to worry about the quality of our products as we stand for the technology and high level manufacture!

**New to our business...we currently sell Wood working Machines and tooling, click the link to the left. If an item isn't there you are looking for, give us a call. We also offer varios tools, which facilitate the process of windows installation as well as windows installation services in cooperation with - company providing present day vinyl windows.

Our company often uses corrugated boxes and other packaging materials to protect our goods from the damage. Our customers will be sure that nothing bad can happen with them.

If you are looking for something to make you house look better, you can find the largest collection of wood blinds in Toronto for sale which many companies offer their clients online. You can make your house better now.


Below is a link to a customers website, whom bought black walnut from us.

A hardwood customer of ours, please take a look at his butternut table, made with butternut bought from us.

If you are interested in self-installation of vinyl windows visit to know more about vinyl products, their types and characteristics.

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